Rotary Green Cove Spring Meeting Monday 12:15pm Garber Ford
Minutes of Meeting
Board of Directors — Rotary Club of Green Cove Springs, Fl
Held April 19, 2018 at Senior Center, Walnut Street
Attendees: Teresa Scott, President; Deborah Goyette; Billy Davie; Nancy Keating; George West; Harry Parrott; Al Rizer; Russ Megonegal.
Absent: Brad Burbaugh; Tom Ryder
Call to Order at 8:35 AM
Club Secretary absent:  No Minutes
Treasurer absent: No Report
President Teresa read from Thank You notes received. She reported on her visits to other Rotary Clubs in our area.
Membership: Russ Megonegal reported on two persons interviewed and recommended for club membership.  They are LUIS R. GUZMAN, and DOUG GREENBERG. The Board voted affirmatively on both names. Parrott will Email report to the Club.
Nancy Keating gave complete report on plans and assignments for GOLF TOURNAMENT, April 21, at Magnolia Point Golf Club. An assignment sheet will be handed out at next Monday’s meeting. Our thanks to Nancy.
Debbie Goyette gave a report on developing plans for annual BIKE RIDE in August. Our thanks to Debbie.
Discussion of future meeting location for the Club. Teresa reported that Club lunches at Magnolia Point would be $15.00 per person minimum ($11.00 per person now); and the Club would have to move to Tuesday noon. After much discussion, the Board voted to continue our meetings at the Senior Center each Monday noon.  It was suggested that different configurations of the room be tried in order to make our room more functional and comfortable (tables, chairs, food placement, electronics).
Installation meeting/dinner June 18 (evening) will be held at the Senior Center in the larger room.
Report:  Russ reported that there is $1118.11 in unused scholarship money being held at St John’s River State College — money our Club donated but has not been used.  It is available to be assigned as a scholarship.
Debbie Goyette brought a request from a board member at SEAMARK RANCH (home and school for youth) requesting that our Club enter into a project to raise funds to help with construction at the RANCH.   The issue was discussed and it was decided that our Club cannot take on another fund-raising effort at this time.
Meeting adjourned at 9:45
Harry Parrott, Temporary Secy